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JESC 2019 | Tatyana Mezhentseva And Denberel Oorzhak With The Song 'Vremya Dlya Nas' Chosen

Terrific Tuesday has descended upon us, as not just one, but two nations have this evening chosen their Junior Eurovision participants. The Russian broadcaster has once again used their national final Akademiya Eurovision to chose their entrant. After a very strong national final consisting of 11 participants, it was decided that Denberel Oorzhak, and Tatyana Mezhentseva with the song, "Vremya Dlya Nas" will have the honour of representing Mother Russia at Gliwice, Poland this November 24th.

Once again, the broadcaster opted to use the same national final as in the last two years to find its winner, that last year saw Anna Filipchuk win the ticket to Minsk with the song, "Unbreakable".

The performers sang their entries at the Vegas City Hall, Moscow. Yesterday saw the results of the online poll come in that saw Denberel Oorzhak, and Tatyana Mezhentseva take the lead scoring 12 points. This only accounted for half the votes, with the other half coming from the professional jury. Both results combined has seen yesterday's result echoed today with the juries agreeing.

Russia first entered the contest back in 2005, and since then have made 14 appearances in the competition. They are classed as one of the powerhouses having always been in the top ten, and having won the competition twice, in 2006, and 2017. Last year the country was represented by Anna Filipchuk, who sang the song, "Unbreakable". Despite, making the top ten, it was the countries worse result. She scored 122 points, coming tenth.

Are you happy with the result? Did your favourite win tonight? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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