JESC 2019 | Darija Vračević to fly the flag for Serbia

Today, the Serbian broadcaster RTS revealed that Darija Vračević will represent them at the JESC 2019 in Gliwice. You can watch the announcement here.

Darija is an 11-years old girl from Belgrade. She sings and plays the piano. She made the super final of the talent show "Pinkove Zvede" and has taken part in numerous national and international competitions. In 2017 she already tried to represent Serbia in Tbilisi, but did not make it.

Darija was chosen out of 2 finalists that performed in front of a jury. The other finalist was Staša Kostadinović with the song 'Da, da, da'. Darija will be singing her song "Podigni Glas" (Speak Up), that tells a story about the climate change. Her song will be revealed soon. The lyrics of the song, on the other hand, have already been revealed, which you can check out below:

Od samog prvog daha svi smo mi ovde gosti, na vazduhu i vodi planeta život rodi otkud glad i rat, pogodi.

Ona je ovde bila otkad postoji vreme, ali pod ovom vatrom njene su usne neme sat otkucava poslednji čas!

Podigni glas, u ime nas, koji zajedno budućnost živimo Podigni glas, uradi to,

jer sutra već sve biće prekasno.

Da li si cuo vetar i tužnu pesmu mora, video kako gori hiljadu zelengora svet pred očima nestaće nam!

Podigni glas, u ime nas, koji zajedno budućnost živimo, podigni glas, uradi to, jer sutra već sve biće prekasno Zemlja je jedini dom za sve nas…

What do you expect from Darija's song?

Let us know in the comments down below!

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