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ESC 2019 | Live Nation to be sued by KAN over Madonna's Eurovision Song Contest performance

After Madonna's controversial set at the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv this year, the Israeli broadcaster KAN have decided to take legal action against Live Nation due to her performance on the 18th May.

A lawsuit has been filed against Live Nation by KAN for 1.375 Million ILS which is equivalent to $360,000, according to Variety and online records showing this. KAN have apparently cited that the reason for the lawsuit is due to Madonna's representatives supposedly violating the terms of their contract after both KAN and Live Nation had agreed them.

It has been made clear that the lawsuit isn't in any way due to the controversy caused by the singer and the performance, but by the violation of terms mentioned above and also that Madonna was provided with technical and logistical support by the Israeli broadcaster that was deemed 'beyond the Eurovision production'. She was provided with projectors, headphones, extra staff and security that Live Nation allegedly didn't pay for, although previously agreeing to cover the costs.

The appearance fee for Madonna was paid for by Canadian-Israeli billionaire Sylvan Adams whilst KAN had to battle the Israeli government regarding funding for the performance, and were eventually forced to take a 70 million shekel (approximately $20 million) loan to cover it instead.

KAN have attempted to receive a payment from Live Nation since the show but the attempts have been unsuccessful, thus the Israeli broadcaster resorted to a lawsuit. A spokeswoman for KAN confirmed that it was filing for the suit, yet declined to make further comment. Live Nation are yet to release a statement regarding the situation.

You can watch Madonna's edited performance below:

What are your thoughts on the situation between KAN and Live Nation? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media!

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