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ESC 2020 | EBU has no plans to invite Kazakhstan to Eurovision 2020

The EBU has confirmed they have 'no plans' to invite Kazakhstan to the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. Because Kazakhstan is only an associate member of the EBU, and not a full member, they must be invited to participate in the contest, the same as Australia, who waited until 2015 before being invited to take part. Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand has previously stated in a press conference in Minsk 2018 that Kazakhstan's participation in Eurovision is "something that needs to be discussed".

Kazakhstan's broadcaster, Khabar Agency, is hoping to become a full member of the EBU, which would enable them to participate freely in both Eurovision and Junior Eurovision.

For now, Kazakhstan will only be allowed to participate in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, in which they made their debut in 2018 with Daneliya Tuleshova who achieved an impressive 6th place.. This year Yerzhan Maksim will represent the country in Gliwice-Silesia.

What do you think: should Kazakhstan be invited to participate? Would you like to see them in the contest? Let us know in the comments down below!

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