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Iceland | RUV Discusses Potential Fine with EBU over Hatari Controversy

The 2019 Icelandic entry, Hatari, caused quite a stir during the final of this year's contest after displaying Palestinian flags when they received their points from the public. This caused furore amongst fans and Israelis, with many wanting harsh sanctions as a result of Hatari's conduct. It has now been revealed that the Icelandic national broadcaster, RÚV, are in talks with the EBU to discuss the potential fines sanctioned as a result of this incident.

The Icelandic Head of Delegation, Rúnar Freyr Gíslason, said that the fine that would be sanctioned would not be a substantial amount and has also reiterated that the incident would not affect Iceland's participation in the 2020 contest in Rotterdam.

Hatari represented Iceland in Tel Aviv this year, giving Iceland it's first qualification since 2014 as well as its first top 10 finish since 2009. You can watch their final performance below:

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