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Netherlands | The Eurovision 2020 Bidbooks Have Been Presented. Which Is The Best?


Today, Wednesday the 10th July 2019, officials of the 5 cities left in the race, travelled to Hilversum to present and hand in their bid books. Some interesting plans have been presented. Below is a summary of what each potential host city has offered in the hope of being the winning city.

Maastricht: with their slogan being 'Come closer' Maastricht, as expected, presented their bid book with the attitude to bring more intimacy into the enormous event named Eurovision.

Den Bosch: Den Bosch had chosen a rather unexpected approach to Eurovision. The slogan being a ridiculous pun in dutch: 'Douze de groeten uit Brabant', which roughly translated means 'Give them (doe ze=do then/give them) (douze=12) greetings from Brabant'. they announced they are prepared to spend 3 million euros to be the Eurovision host city.

Arnhem: 'celebrate freedom' is the slogan Arnhem chose. Arnhem has everything Eurovision needs, they think. A big, high quality arena, great accessibility, enough place to stay and a lot to do. they imagine the Eurovillage in the city centre, with the Eusebuiskerk and Luxor Live as a main role.

Utrecht: Utrecht announce very few things about hosting, as they did not present their bid book, but instead, let a cycling delivery driver hand the bid book in. We do know their plan is to build a giant tent to host the big shows in, as the roof, of their 'jaarbeurs' is to low for an event like Eurovision. and their slogan is 'making your mind up'

Rotterdam: with their bid being 15 million euros, and the venue being Rotterdam Ahoy, they have also announced their slogan would be 'For real'.

which city do you think is the best to host Eurovision 2020?

let us know in the comments down below!

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