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Netherlands | Could The Eurovision 2020 Slogan Be - 'Come closer'?

Will the Eurovision 2020 slogan be 'Come closer'? If it's up to the city of Maastricht it will. With the deadline of applying to host the contest coming closer, Maastricht has announced details about their plan to host in 2020.

'''Come closer' stands for bringing more intimacy to the enormous Eurovision'', quote the township of Maastricht. "Without taking anything away from the spectacle, but by adding something from the Limburg soul. The ability to enjoy the good life. To appreciate the small, besides the big. To enjoy together, to be curious about each other, to what connects us and how we make it stronger together. " Furthermore we already know Maastricht applied with the arena 'MECC Maastricht'.

Annemarie Penn-te Strake, they mayor said: "Maastricht is an internationally oriented city, at the crossroads of Europe. A city that has everything and yet is uncluttered, full of character and an amazing atmosphere. The capital of a region that embraces you in a hospitable way; where you may come as you are. A place that feels like a square: the heart of Europe. Where Europeans can all be equally close together "

Over the last few weeks several cities have placed in bids to be the host city. Recently, Amsterdam have pulled out, and Rotterdam have become clear favourites. Which city would you prefer to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

According to NPO, AVROTROS and NOS the final decision and announcement regarding the hosting city are planned to be made in August.

What do you think of the slogan and what do you expect from other cities?

Let us know in the comments down below!


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