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Ukraine | Preparations Under Way As UA: PBC Launches Junior Eurovision Selection 2019

With just over four months until Poland welcomes the world to Junior Eurovision 2019 that will take place in Gliwice. It has been announced today by the national broadcaster for Ukraine, that they have launched a month long selection process to find the countries next Junior Eurovision participant.

The window opened today, and will run up until August 8th 2019. Any participants wishing to apply must do so in this time, and are able to register their interest online where applicants will be assessed, and narrowed down.

The rules state that potential participants must be between the ages of 9 and 14, and can register by clicking on the link here. Rules state that the song cannot exceed three minutes, or not have been commercially published, or performed publicly before May 1st.

Those wishing to apply must also upload a video where the artist, or artists perform their song live, which should be accompanied by a recorded instrumental soundtrack without backing vocals. The video must display them answering, "What is the victory for you"?, and "What is Ukraine for you"?

Just as in the adult Eurovision, the rules ban any singers from competing in the competition that have performed in Crimea or Russia since January 1st 2014. Those who have will be removed from the selection process.

The country will find its next singer by introducing two stages. The first will see all artists narrowed down to ten. The winner will then be chosen from a seven member committee.

Relive Darina Krasnovetska's moment here:

Last year Darina Krasnovetska had the honour of being present in Minsk with the song, "Say Love" which placed fourth scoring 182 points.

Could this years artist go one better, and enter the top three? What are your hopes for Ukraine? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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