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Eurovision 2020 | Host City to be announced in August

With preparations for next year's competition underway, one necessity for the contest is a host city and by the looks of it, it won't be long until we know where we will be heading off to next year.

The EBU have announced that the host city will be revealed sometime in August, which is in 2 months time. There has been 9 cities that have shown interest in hosting the contest next year:

  • Amsterdam

  • Rotterdam

  • Den Haag

  • Utrecht

  • Arnhem

  • Breda

  • Den Bosch

  • Leeuwarden

  • Maastricht

These cities and other cities that haven't shown interest yet have been given a deadline of the 10th July to submit their bidding books, in which their have to show that they are able to fill the criteria that they have been given by the national broadcasters in order to host the contest. The criteria includes: Having an appropriate venue, capacity, technical facilities, accommodation capacity, infrastructure and reachability. After evaluating the bids and visiting the locations, the EBU will announce the winning host city.

It looks like the race to hosting the competition has been an open playing field. Whilst many believing that the capital city Amsterdam being the most obvious choice, the national tourism board have encouraged for Eurovision to be held elsewhere due to the maximum capacity of tourists have been reached. Also, the Mayor of Amsterdam has also claimed that the city will not battle its way to hosting. Duncan Laurence, the 2019 winner of the contest, has also claimed that Rotterdam is his preferred choice as it is the city closest to where he grew up.

Wherever it may be, one thing is for sure, the next couple of months will be a truly exciting one!

What do you think about this latest news? Who do you think should be hosting the contest next year? Tell us in the comments below and be sure to follow us on social media.


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