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Australia | Kate Miller-Heidke reveals her top picks for host country if she wins

Australian representative in Eurovision 2019, Kate Miller-Heidke, has spoken out about where she would like to see the contest held if she were to win on Saturday's Grand Final. But despite Kate having her favourite choices for Eurovision 2020 host country, the decision is ultimately out of her hands. As per the official rules of The Eurovision Song Contest, the Australian broadcaster SBS will nominate a European country host the contest in their honour. The contest would then be a joint collaboration between SBS of Australia and their host country of choice.

"At the moment it’s up in the air between Paris, London and Berlin, However, it’s a decision that’s out of my hands. But London would get my vote – I lived there for two years previously."

Kate is currently the second favourite to win with the bookies, so could Kate's wishes of the contest coming to London come true?

Check out Kate's performance in the first semi-final:

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