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ESC 2019 | The Big 5 draw their performing halves for the final

May 12, 2019


The Big 5 and host country have today determined which half of the Eurovision 2019 grand final they will perform in. In their press conferences today, they held a draw in which the big 5 countries determined which half of the final they will be performing in.

The host country, Israel, has already had their running order determined in March at the Heads of Delegation meeting, where he drew to perform in 14th place in the final.


The Big 5 performing halves, as determined in their press conferences today:


France - second half

Germany - first half

Italy - second half

Spain - second half

United Kingdom - second half


The performing halves for the big 5 this year are exactly the opposite to Lisbon 2018 where 4 out of 5 the big 5 had a first half draw, with Italy the only one performing in the second half.

Prior to 2013, the running order for the grand final, as well as the semi finals, was completely random, and the artists didn't get the opportunity to draw their halves. But since the 2013 contest in Malmo, each country that  of qualifies from the semi final will draw which half of the final they will be performing in at their semi final winners press conference, and the Big 5 would draw their halves in their press conferences, usually after their second rehearsal or on the red carpet.


Since the introduction of the artists determining their performing halves for the final, the 2019 contest will see France performing in the second half for a third time; Germany in the first half for the 5th time; Italy getting an impressive 6th second half draw (with Francesca Michielin in 2016 being the only Italian act since 2013 to perform in the first half) and both Spain and the United Kingdom singing in the second half for a fifth time since 2013.


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