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Portugal | 'Trust In Me' As Conan Osiris, And João Talk To Eurovoxx

Portugal have had both of their rehearsals, and despite the second performance being dogged by technical issues, the Portuguese singer was more than happy enough to talk to Andy from team Eurovoxx. This year the country is one of the favourites to win, and the artistic nature of the song has been appealing to many. Despite finishing later than planned, and having lots of press in with him, we were the final one's that got to chat to him, and despite this he was very talkative. Both Conan, and his dancer João whose birthday it was, were happy to speak in length about the performance, and their journey. Check it out below.

Conan told us that the experience was like being in a dream .They arrived on Saturday, and admitted that that they didn't know Tel Aviv, but were hoping to get time to actually see it. As you can imagine the artists are so busy at the moment. However, they have been to one party, and have managed to meet several of the artists. They were so pleased to meet them all.

Of the experience itself Conan has said, "it is hard, two hours ago it was mad. Now i am kind of getting down to earth again, and starting to be on my energy again. I am so mad now because some of the stuff was not in place after the rehearsal, but now it's getting there. It makes you nervous, especially because I am a Capricorn, and I do not like to fail, and when I do fail, I get mad at myself, and that is a whole snowball".

The staging of this year's performance is quite unique, and colourful. It has the reds, and greens, and there have been a lot of theories as to what the colours symbolise, and mean. We were told that, "I guess the staging in itself, is as much as something on the clock, and the plans and stuff. It is mainly about the going up, and coming down. It is a little bit about the song itself. The song puts you in such a dark places, then it lifts you up to such light places in the same minute that you almost don't know how to behave". He compared it to connecting your human self with your higher self, and try to reach heaven, as he does mention in the song.

Andy told the Portuguese artists of his impression of the staging, how they are there to present their music, and their art. Conan was pleased with this interpretation, and said, "all we want to do is express ourselves a little bit, sand connect on the human level. I believe as much my song can be so transcendent or trans human. It really is a simple song, I like to portray both these aspects at once". They have certainly connected with the audience.

Of his support, and especially in Portugal he told us that, "not everything you see is full support, also a little bit about the culture, and having something new, and getting a little bit buzzy. For example the green suit you say you like it, but most Portuguese people didn't love it. They were like yeah, ranting rabidly on the internet about it, and I was like oh my God, you didn't want to know I was bringing something new to the table". However, despite this he was thankful to the Portuguese public, and sent them all a personal message in his native language. "It is really important that I trust you guys. Trust in me too guys".

Check out Andy reacts below:

The interview ended all in smiles, as both Conan, and João were very smiley, and joked a lot about bringing the contest back to Lisbon. Andy was clearly in love with that jacket, and he wanted to know if he could Conan up another song which would it be? It was music to our ears when he sang, "Soldi" and wished him a speedy recovery.

Portugal will perform in the first semi final, and all the team at Eurovoxx would like to wish Conan, João, and the team the very best of luck.

What do you think of Portugal's chances this year? Do you think they will qualify? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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