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Malta | 'From The First Note I Heard Chameleon, I Knew I Had To Represent My Country With It&#39

It was one of the one's that we had been waiting for. Eurovoxx have been following this amazing Maltese talent since she decided to enter "X Factor Malta" earlier in the year. From her first audition to her winning the show, we have been there rooting for the singer, and immensely proud that Malta are able to showcase this new talent internationally. Since then her song, "Chameleon" has become a bit of a hit, and is doing very well in the betting odd's. They have recently had to change the staging due to technical issues, which in fact has proved most advantageous as it has even great impact than before. After the second rehearsal the young singer was more than happy to talk to Andy from Eurovoxx. Check out the interview below.

The young artist told us that she was extremely happy to be in Tel Aviv. We asked her about being so young, and how she was taking the whole experience in. She told us that, "I think that X Factor has heleped me a lot to go through the competition, and stuff so I am doing great". Of X Factor, Andy wanted to know what has happened since she has won the competition. Michela said, "Obviously i haven't stopped working, because I wanted to deliver something extremely good, so from the day after I won X factor everyone started working on Eurovision". The hard work is clearly paying off.

It is a big chance to shine, and a lot of pressure. Andy was quick to ask her if she felt any pressure, and coped with it. The talented singer told us that, "obviously everyone feels a little pressure because you are representing your country, and half the world is seeing you. There is a little bit of excitement. Even if there was ten people we were singing too, or half a million you have to do whatever you can do in any case". To be fair she is handling it very well, and comes across so calm, and collective. She does look really at home on the stage.

Of the song itself, we wanted to know if she felt like it was the one, and if she had any connection to it? "From the first note I heard of Chameleon I knew I had to represent my country with it. It's so fresh, it's so young, I am young, it's like me in a song, so I wanted to do something like that for Eurovision". She kept us waiting for the song, and it was so worth it. It has had amazing reactions, and she told us that, "we had to wait a little, but when you see the reactions, like yours (Andy blushes), the look in their eyes, that even liked the video. So when you see that all the hard work, and when you see that everyone is having fun watching it. It makes you proud. It makes me feel extremely happy". It is true she should be proud of what she has achieved so far.

The staging is very colourful, and very impressive. We wanted to know what impact that she had in regards to it? "Obviously, everyone, the choreographer, and the people that did the graphics all had meetings, they all revolved. I like them a lot because they all think of the artist first, so they tell me do i like this or that? and i tell them what I like, and everyone gives their input".

Maltese fans are some of the craziest in the Eurovision community. Michela told us that they mean a lot, and that people like them keep her going. More so, they make her proud to be Maltese. We wanted to know if she had a message for them. The young star said, "Thank you, extremely big thank you for all of your support. It has been an amazing experience, and it's all been because of you. Thank you for your support". If Michela wins there will more than likely be a public holiday, and think there is a chance that she can pull this off.

Check out Andy reacts to Chameleon below:

We wanted to know more about the artists, and asked what was the craziest thing that she had done. As an individual we were told that she was extremely quiet, and that she doesn't really like to do crazy stuff. However, on stage the artist is very much the opposite. We also wanted to know the biggest lie, but she was very coy fearing who would be watching the interview. Her musical inspiration is definitely Andy, but she also said the aritsts, SIA, pink. She wants to be more like them.

It was nice to hear that this wonderful artist will have time to relax, and admitted that although it is good to focus. It is also good to be laid back, and have fun too. Which is quite a nice way to look at the contest, and her experience as a whole in Tel Aviv. The whole team would like to wish Malta the very best of luck at the contest.

Do you like the song? Will you be supporting Malta at this year's Eurovision? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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