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ESC 2019: Day 8 | second rehearsals continue

Today saw the last few semi finalists take to the stage for their second rehearsals, and there are some surprises in store! Let's take a look at the first 5 countries and see how well they did.

Croatia - second rehearsal

Roko delivered yet another outstanding performance! He delivered another strong vocal performance, however, we do feel that it could be stronger, and we think he might be holding back in preparation for the semi final. Visually, the whole performance is epic and stunning and it looks the same as it did in the first rehearsal, but just more polished.

Malta - second rehearsal

Michela and her dancers brought the fire to their second rehearsal! Michela looked a lot more comfortable and confident on stage in comparison to her first rehearsal, and we could really see Michela's personality shining through.

Malta's performance has undergone quite some changes from their first rehearsal; the box that we saw in the first rehearsal has gone, with the whole team taking up more of the stage with their choreography. The graphics and lighting has also changed, with more block colours coming behind them.

Michela and her dancers are all dressed in white, and against a backdrop of colour, they pop out, which makes for a very visually appealing performance. Malta is one to watch out for this year!

Lithuania - second rehearsal

Jurijus delivered another strong performance. His staging has remained the same, and all focus is on Jurijus himself as he sings against a backdrop of golden colours. He looked cool and confident on stage. We feel as though we have not heard Jurijus' full vocal potential, and we think he might be holding back. But overall, he gave a solid performance.

Russia - second rehearsal

Sergey and his backing singers pulled another stunning performance out of the bag for their second rehearsal! Their vocals blend beautifully together and they create a wonderful yet powerful sound on stage. The staging has stayed the same and there is very little difference between the first and second rehearsal as both of them have been outstanding and epic. The camera angles appear to be different in places compared to the first rehearsal, and we are unsure whether they will remain like this for the live semi.

Albania - second rehearsal

Jonida gave a very strong second rehearsal that was full of power and emotion. Jonida, looked stunning in her black and gold dress as she belted out her song with passion and emotion. The colours and visuals on stage showed the colours of the Albanian flag, red and black. The whole performance came across very well on screen, and seemed to flow nicely in comparison with her first rehearsal.

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