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Malta | Maltese delegation changed their staging due to technical issues

The Maltese delegation have spoken out after their second rehearsal about how they have been forced to change their staging due to technical issues. They were unable to fix the technical issues that they experienced in their first rehearsal, so they have had no other choice but to go on with Plan B.

The Maltese delegation have reviewed their rehearsal today as their "first rehearsal" as they still have to work on the lighting and camera work for this new performance. Speaking in their press conference, they explained that at the moment, they are not fully satisfied with how their rehearsal went, but that they are confident that everything will be ironed out in time for the semi final.

Malta is not the first country this year to experience technical problems. Estonia were granted an extra 20 minutes rehearsal on stage today due the technical difficulties they experienced in their second rehearsal yesterday.

Check out Malta's rehearsal with their new staging:

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