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Spain | Miki Brings The Colour As 'La Venda' Brings The Party For His First Rehearsal

Welcome back to Eurovoxx's coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 rehearsals! We're already at day six which means today we will see the second rehearsals of seventeen countries, plus the big five and Israel, which drew second half of the second semi final - including the two current favourites to win! Join us all day on our YouTube channel, website & other social media for the latest updates and video content.

Since Miki was chosen earlier on in the year, he has brought the party atmosphere with him. He won the Eurovosion Operacion Triumfo gala, and now has the hopes of Spain on his shoulders. There is a lot of hope for him this year, as he has been consistently doing well with the polls. The fact that Spain is sending a song that actually sounds Spanish this year is winning a lot of fans. Miki has been very charismatic through out his Eurovision experience, and has gained a plethora of new fans. He had done so much promotion for his song, and country this year, that regardless where he places, he should be proud. Spain are bringing the party this year.


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This is so colourful. You can tell the staging is done by Fokas Evangelinos. It has the white elements. There is six boxes imitating six rooms in a house, but more importantly is the bright colours that is on stage, which echoes the bright performance. It is high energy that see's Miki and the dancers go all across the stage. The dancing is very slick, and not what we were expecting. There is even a big puppet that makes,an appearance. Regardless if this song is a winner or not. It is just fun, fun, fun, and very colourful.

Despite the high energy, Miki manages to carry the vocals off really well. It was going to be hard to top the national final performance, but Spain really have done it this year. For you at home watching the performance at home, we will tell you now to turn down the colour of your television sets as it is so bright. Viva Espgna!!!!

Check out the official clip from below:

Has your opinion of the Spanish song changed? Do you think Spain could win the trophy this year? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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