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Italy | It's All About The Soldi As Mahmood Takes To The Stage

Welcome back to Eurovoxx's coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 rehearsals! We're already at day six which means today we will see the second rehearsals of seventeen countries, plus the big five and Israel, which drew second half of the second semi final - including the two current favourites to win! Join us all day on our YouTube channel, website & other social media for the latest updates and video content.

It was a case of will he? or Wont he? when Mahmood won SanRemo 2019. The winner does not necessarily go forward, and represent their nation. It is a great thing for us that the talented singer accepted this challenge. He will be representing Italy this year with the song, "Soldi". Since then, his single has gone multi platinum, he has had tens of millions of streams on Spotify, and YouTube. He recently won the OGAE international poll, and many are tipping this for the win. It has so many supporters that it will be shock if it is not in the top 10.


There was talk that the singer was sick before coming to Tel Aviv. His vocals are as strong as always. He is dressed in a trademark colourful shirt. He is joined by three dancers who appear all through the song. Do we need them though? It was great to see the press clap when "Soldi" was sung. Just like last year, powerful messages were placed on stage throughout the performance. The staging is done well, and a lot of effort has been put into it. We feel the best performance will be for the final, and as he has been ill. The second rehearsal is a lot better than the first, however there is something that is missing. It is more than likely an arena full of people will change all of this.

Has Soldi done it for you this year? Do you like his first rehearsal? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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