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ESC 2019 Day 6: Second rehearsals continue before the big 6 take to the stage

It's day 6 of rehearsals at the Expo Convention Centre in Tel Aviv, and we have a total of 17 countries rehearsing today.

The day started off with the second round of second rehearsals and ended with the big 5 plus host country Israel taking to the stage for their first rehearsals.

Let's take a look at the first five countries to take to the stage for their second rehearsals and see how they compare to their first rehearsal.

Greece - second rehearsal

Katerine gave another enchanting performance in her second rehearsal. She looked and sounded amazing, and pulled off that high note with ease! She appeared confident and comfortable on stage and the whole performance came together very nicely.

Both of Greece's rehearsals have been very good, and there is little difference between them. Katerine has come out both times looking very comfortable on stage, full of confidence and bringing amazing vocals.

San Marino - second rehearsal

It's time for King Serhat! Yet again, Serhat and his dancers brought the fun and colour to the Eurovision stage. The whole choreography appeared to be more smoother this time round and generally, the whole performance flowed much better. The backing vocalists at times sounded quite overpowering to Serhat, but nevertheless, they sounded good alongside Serhat's vocals.

San Marino has definetley seen some improvements between their first and second rehearsals, and the whole performance looks more polished and tidy.

Armenia - second rehearsal

Srbuk came out and owned that stage with her incredible vocals and power! She commanded that stage as she belted out her high notes with ease! The camera work and visuals look stunning and compliment the song very well. This is a very strong opener to the second semi!

The staging, camera work and lighting have remained the same from the first semi final, with no changes being made. Armenia have kept with the same idea, making very minimal changes, and it works! The second rehearsal has allowed them to fine tune their performance.

Ireland - second rehearsal

Sarah shone in her second rehearsal. She delivered good and confident vocals, and she looked very happy up on stage. The whole performance with her dancers looked more polished compared to her first semi final and their movement around the stage with their props flowed a lot more nicely.

Ireland's second rehearsal hasn't seen any changes made compared to her first rehearsal. But what we have seen is a more polished and fine tuned performance.

Moldova - second rehearsal

Anna and Kseniya treated us to another enchanting performance, full of emotion and power. They both looked and sounded great on stage. Their performance can be described as classy and elegant as Kseniya tells Anna's story through her snow art. Although there were some camera work problems towards the start of their rehearsal, they were soon fixed to reveal the beauty on stage.

All photos included in this article courtesy of Andres Putting for

Stay tuned for more rehearsal articles and reviews, and don't forget to follow us on social media and YouTube for all the latest Eurovision news!

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