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ESC 2019 Day 6 | Second rehearsals continue

Now it's the turn for the remaining 6 second semi finalists to take to the stage for their second rehearsals. Let's have a look at how they did.

Switzerland - second rehearsal

Luca and his dancers gave another impressive performance as they wowed everyone with their rehearsal. No major changes have been made from their first rehearsal until now, but what we can see is a more polished performance, with every thing running more smoothly. They all have a lot of energy on stage, and Luca had very impressive vocals in his second rehearsal.

Latvia - second rehearsal

Latvia charmed everyone with their second rehearsal. They came on stage looking beautiful, and sounded just the same. Their performance is very stripped back and more simplistic, but it suits the style of song very well. In comparison with their first rehearsal, it doesn't appear as though anything has really changed with regards to their staging. But what we can see is that they have fine tuned their performance.

Romania - second rehearsal

Ester has treated us to another dark and mysterious performance for her second rehearsal. Although the staging remains the same, we can see small costume changes with the backing dancers. We also saw pyrotecnics being added to the performance in the final run through, which add more power to the song.

Denmark - second rehearsal

Denmark have once again brought the charm and likeability factor to the Eurovision stage as Leonora and her team shine on stage. All of Team Denmark look happy and comfortable on stage as they give us all very confident performance. Leonora's vocals have improved since her first rehearsal, and the whole performance flows better compared to the first semi. The giant chair is of course, still here, and they work with it a lot better than compared to their first rehearsal.

Sweden - second rehearsal

Sweden have pulled it out of the bag once again! John and "The Mamas" sound very good on stage together, and their fierce vocals fill the arena! In comparison to their first rehearsal, their second rehearsal sees more lighting being used in some parts, and more use of smoke on stage, adding more impact to the performance. The camera angles are very sharp and clean cut, and the whole performance comes across very well on screen.

Austria - second rehearsal

Paenda has wowed us all with her soft and emotional vocals for her second rehearsal, and once again, we have been transported into her own world on stage as she is surrounded by a sea of light up poles. The staging remains largely the same as it was in the first rehearsal, except this time, her whole performance is in colour, as opposed to black and white.

Who was your favourite of today's second rehearsals? Let us know in the comments below!

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