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Poland | Tulia Shine As They Take To The Stage For Their Second Rehearsal


At the start of the performance they have their faces covered by a red veil which is attached to crowns that all four girls are wearing. They begin in a rotating circle formation however when they remove their veils they return to the two-front two-back formation we've seen before. All four girls remain stationary for the rest of the performance however have their piercing and intense stares coupled with occasional clapping. They are also bringing their synchronized swaying that we saw in their pre-party performances.

The backing is very warm colouring - yellows, whites and reds presumably to resemble red with their faces also appearing on the LED backdrop. Fans of Poland will be happy to hear that the vocals massively improved by the last run through and it sounded a lot better. They definitely still need to work on the camera though.


The camera work and sound have greatly improved from Tulia's first rehearsal. The girls look and sound amazing on stage. They commanded that stage with their confidence and stage presence.


Poland have delivered a stronger more confident performance compared to the first rehearsal. Their camera work has improved, as have their vocals, and we think that this could be one to watch out for!

Poland really brought the fire to the stage this morning. Did you like the rehearsal? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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