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Montengro | The Second Rehearsals See Montengro Shine


All six of the members of D mol are spread out across the stage and dressed all in white suits with some of them wearing small red details such as a shirt or a scarf. At the first chorus they all walk towards the centre where they group up in to a circle formation and sing the song together. For the final instrumental section, the members have some traditional Balkan dancing choreography.

Vocally, D mol sounded great however there were clear problems technically with the lighting and the camera cuts - at one point them focusing on the wrong singer (admittedly probably an easy mistake to make!). The choreography at the end also needs sharpening up, however is not a bad start.

Colours of the stage are mostly purple and red however the focus is very much on the bandmates. It does unfortunately look a little awkward on stage however they really get across that they are enjoying it. The issues with the performance could also be down to the technical problems as the third run through was a huge improvement and it looked a lot better on camera.


D Mol delivered a much stronger performance for their second rehearsal. Their choreography and camera angles have improved since their first rehearsal, and their choreography looks more smooth and flows a lot better. All the members of D Mol look a lot more comfortable on stage, and they all look very happy to be there! Vocally, they are all sounding really good.


D Moll have improved vocally, they appear more confident with their choreography and general moving around the stage, and overall, they just appear to have more confidence and stage presence.

Has the improved rehearsal changed Montenegro's chances of qualifying? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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