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Georgia | Oto brings Georgian power and fire!

We are on day five of the rehearsals where fifteen countries will sing today, in a bit to update their performances, and fine tune how they will be portrayed on screen. The countries that will be rehearsing today will only have twenty minutes today, as opposed to the forty that they have been accustomed too. Next up this morning was Oto Nemsadze with the song, "Keep on Going".

Oto Nemsadze is representing the caucasus nation at this years Eurovision Song Contest with his powerful and patriotic ballad 'Keep on Going'. Last year ethno-jazz band Iriao placed last (18th) in the second semi final, both failing to qualify and causing Georgia to miss the final a second time in a row for the first time in their participating history. This year, Oto will be joined by members of Iriao as his backing singers for the choral elements in the song.

Oto started singing at the age of 3 and music has been a big part of him ever since. He won the fifth season of 'Geostar' in 2010 and then went on to audition for season three of The Voice of Ukraine in 2013. He shared similar success but was pipped at the post as he placed second in the grand final. Ahead of auditioning for Georgian Idol (their new selection process) at the start of the year, he participated in the national final in 2017 - where his song 'Dear God' placed tenth out of twenty-five.


Georgia starts similarly to the national final winning performance, with a very dark stage, the Georgian flag and lightning. They've incorporated shadows which walk around in the background, alongside barbed wire which moves around beautful snow-capped mountains. The tone for the entire staging follows the seriousness of the song, with Oto looking very serious and passionate throughout.

Oto's voice is undeniably fantastic. He has very strong vocals with a passionate growl which works for the patriotic feel this song has. About halfway through, the stage is engulfed within clouds of smoke and fog and the backing singers (Iraio!) make their way towards Oto on stage.

Overall very impressive package for Georgia and despite many ruling them out this must now be a contender to qualify. The contrast between the white snow-top mountains and the red tinted, almost volcanic vibe they have by the end as the song builds and builds. The third run-through saw the addition of LOTS of pyro effects. Georgia did not come to play!


Oto has delivered the goods once again! Oto's second rehearsal was very similar to his first, in terms of staging, visuals and vocals. He has so much power and passion whenever he sings, and he does not hold back at all in his second rehearsal! The introduction of the backing singers in the second half of the performance looks a lot smoother and cleaner compared to their first rehearsal and everything flows better.


There is not much comparison that can be made with Georgia's rehearsals as Oto has nailed both his first and second rehearsals. He has brought the passion and power both times and has never failed to disappoint.

Oto has brought the fire once again to his performance. Do you agree with our opinion? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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