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Eurovision 2019 | Day 5 Rehearsals - Who Were The Winners And Losers?

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The days are all blurring into one, and passing us by so quick. We were back for day five of the rehearsals, with the countries in the first semi final rehearsing for a second time today. Eurovision has truly begun in spectacular style as the fifth day of the rehearsals have arrived, and gone. Today has seen fifteen countries perform, and they have come from the first semi final. They were Cyprus, Montenegro, Finland, Poland. Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belarus, Serbia, Belgium, Georgia, Australia, Icealnd, Estonia, Portugal. They have all performed, with Eurovoxx wondering who were the winners, and who were the losers from today's performances?

This is one of the final opportunities that some of these artists will get to nail their performances. Today's batch of songs will come from the artists from semi final one. Also, a lot of today was getting those changes implemented. Who were today's winners, and losers?

Press Poll

The press on the ground saw several attempts at rehearsing, and were able to watch the performances live on the screens. After everyone had performed, this is how the press voted. We would like to thank our friends at escxtra for compiling the figures. They are not to be taken to literally, but a guide on how those who witnessed the performances live felt. It is important to draw attention to the Czech Republic, there was not much of a stream into the press centre with this song, and may explain why it scored so low.


The winner of today's press poll is Australia, and rightly so. Today has seen fifteen countries perform, so the fact that she has topped the press poll, will go a long way in explaining how good this song, and live performance is. Kate has 37 more points than her nearest competitor, who is Serbia who also features on this list. Nevena did an amazing job once again. There should be no surprise, as the singer did an amazing performance once again. She looked like a winner, and sounded like one. Georgia too, make this list. Despite being so low in the odds, this song is impressing all those in the press centre that are watching it. Although his song is not to everyone's taste, he is certainly delivering, and the graphics that are accompanying his performance is working well enough to make an impact on those that are voting for it.


The country that you would not expect to see on this list is Portugal, but unfortunately they do. The press have only given them 9 points, and despite getting a warm reception earlier, they have suffered in this poll. What has gone wrong? From the entry that everyone was raving about to the one that people are now dissing, is quite the transformation. Regardless of this, it will be a massive surprise if this does not qualify. Montenegro once again come bottom of this list. However, they have gone from "nil point" in their first rehearsal to now having four points. That is an improvement at least. Finally, Finland appear in the bottom of this poll for a second time. Despite the vocals being a lot better, and the staging being very good, it hasn't moved the voters here enough to get the votes.

The Bookies Odd's

The betting odds have also been a key feature. Although, there have been minor movements in the betting's, they tend to say a little of how today's performances went. There have not been a huge jump in the movement, but some subtle changes which means some songs, are now out of the top ten for the first time. Remember though that more songs will perform tomorrow, and it is likely to shift again.


Once again Australia are once again coming across as one of the winners from today. The odds seem to reflect this, as there seems to have been a flurry of bets for Kate after her performance. This is no surprise for the team at Eurovoxx who are predicting good things for this. Kate has increased her chances by one place, that see's Greece out of the top ten, and Australia enter it for the first time. Serbia are also winners here in the betting, as they too have increased their placing. From yesterday they have moved up three places. Belarus, and Hungary have also seen their odds increase.


On the opposite side of the spectrum Belgium, Estonia have dropped in the placings. They have moved down two places. Whilst Finland has seen them drop down on the odds. Once again, these will more than likely change when the rehearsals, and the big 5 sing, and rehearse once again.

The Views On YouTube

What were people watching today? Who were the public most eager to watch? The YouTube hits of the performers will favour the countries that performed first. However, there are some stand out figures. So who were the winners, and the losers?


Cyprus who were first up, also received the most views with 149,00 being clocked up in a single day. Belarus has also done well with the views on YouTube today with over 61,000. Slovenia 50,000, whilst Australia, Cyprus, Czech Republic and Serbia are also countries that did well by scoring over 40,000.


Estonia seems to have clocked up the least votes with only 18,000. With the rest surpassing this figure. Will this be a bad omen?

Do you agree with? Who were your winners and losers? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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