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Estonia | Victor is cooking up a storm for his second rehearsal

The fifth country to rehearse today is Estonia who gets the tough job of following on from Iceland's rehearsal. The man to do it is Victor Crone who is singing the Avicii styled 'Storm' written by previous representative Stig Rästa. It was recently reported that Israeli broadcaster KAN liked the Estonian staging so much that they themselves have paid for it - but will the staging be able to get Estonia their second final in a row?

Swedish singer Victor Crone first rose to prominence after participating at Melodifestivalen 2015 as the featured singer on Behrang Miri's song 'Det rår vi inte för'. The song made it to Andra Chansen before losing their battle to Samir & Viktor. Since then, Victor has released plenty of original music including teaming up with Scandinavian DJ duo Tungevaag & Raaban. He competed in Estonia's national selection, Eesti Laul, with 'Storm' which despite almost being buried by the jurors convincingly won the televote which got him to the Superfinal, where he once again won in the 100% televote round.


Similarly to the Eesti Laul performance, Victor starts with just him on the stage and his guitar for the softer first verse. Interestingly instead of the mellow first chorus he really went for the big notes and took it up which usually doesn't happen until the second chorus.

There are a lot of rotating camera shots - moving around Victor and towards the end the recorded 'storm' graphics will engulf him similarly to the national final. The LED backing for the rest is cloudy skies, looking as if a storm is on the horizon (fitting). Lightning, storm clouds and flashing lights.

The other big improvement is a really great big note at the end. Victor has been really busy over the past few months improving his vocals and he's got a number of backing singers helping him lift the performance too. There's also a body double in place for the end whilst Victor returns to get his guitar for the end - however

due to the storm graphic not being added yet we have no way of knowing fully how it's going to look.


Victor has delivered another good performance for his second rehearsal. His choreography remains the same, but in comparison with his first rehearsal, we can see that the visuals on stage have been improved. The performance see the visuals switching between panels of gold and blue as Victor moves confidently around the stage. Victor and his backing vocalists delivered a good performance, but we think that they still have more to give!


Victor has given good performances so far and he has been very consistent throughout all of his rehearsals, with there being very little changes with his rehearsals.

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