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Cyprus | Tamta Kicks Off The First Day Of Second Rehearsals!

Join us over the next 4 days as we review the second rehearsals of all semi finalists and the first rehearsals of the Big 5 and host country. For day 5 at Eurovision 2019, the first 15 songs from semi final 1 will be on stage for their second rehearsals. But first, lets take a look back at their first rehearsals:


As you can expect for her up-tempo performance, Tamta is joined on stage by four backing dancers for a high-octane performance. From the start, Tamta herself looks very strong with her hair styled straightened down similarly to in the music video and they make good use of the cameras with plenty of camera cut shots throughout and close-ups on her. She's accompanied by four male backing dancers wearing all in black with black cowboy style hats. Throughout the performance they join in with the choreography. Sure to be memorable, Tamta, who starts wearing a black leather jacket, has the jacket ripped off halfway through to initiate a costume change. She also has incredible thigh-high black leather boots which really complete the look.

Stage colours are darker than expected, mostly purples and blacks, whilst there are smoke effects, surging lights and of course ... pyrotechnics! In addition to the stage LEDs, Cyprus have also brought along six vertical pillars that are just behind Tamta and her dancers. In the final run through there was also a bigger focus on Tamta with more close-up shots.


Cyprus was first up on stage for their second rehearsal, and she didn't disappoint! Tamta delivered another high energy performance with her backing dancers, and we can see that her choreography looks more slick and polished compared to her first rehearsal. Although Tamta had a few problems with her vocals in her first run through, she improved with each run through. In the final run through, we saw the smoke machines out in full force, making for a very epic ending.


Tamta has definitely improved on her choreography between the first and second rehearsals, making the whole performance look more polished. The camera angles and close-up shots of Tamta have been improved in the second rehearsal, which makes the whole performance have more of an impact and makes it stand out more.

What do you think? Will Cyprus qualify this year? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below,

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