Serbia | Nevena Delivers Even More Power On Day Five.

May 9, 2019


We are on day five of the rehearsals where fifteen countries will sing today, in a bit to update their performances, and fine tune how they will be portrayed on screen.  The countries that will be rehearsing today will only have twenty minutes today, as opposed to the forty that they have been accustomed too.  Next up this morning was Serbia when Nevena Božović sung her song, "Kruna".


Ahead of her return to Eurovision, Nevena competed in Serbian national final 'Beovizija' earlier this year which she went on to win. Since her last appearance back in 2013, Nevena has featured on the Serbian jury in 2015 and has also been recognised with a win at the 2019 Music Awards.  



                                                        SERBIA - FIRST REHEARSAL


I don't think anybody would expect anything less of Nevena than pitch perfect - and of course she delivered. With her long blonde hair down, she's wearing a stunning neck piece and long black dress with a cut down it revealing one leg. 


The staging beautifully accompanies Nevena and her dress - a golden whirlpool swirling around her which looks incredibly powerful. The backing shows similar golden, dark blue and silver colours which compliment the stage. Aside from that, the performance is rather understated and it is clear that she is letting her impeccable voice do the talking. It can sometimes be difficult to stage a power ballad but Serbia have done a good job with this one.


On their last run through, they added smoke and wind machines and flashing stage lights which added perfectly to the whirlwind! 


                                                   SERBIA -  SECOND REHEARSAL 


Wow, is the only way to describe this second performance.  Nevena is dressed all in black, and is Serbia's beauty this year.  She fills up the stage with her amazing vocals.  There is a lot of power in this singers voice, and she has given the most perfect performance we have seen yet.  


The visuals, and graphics accompanying the performance are just superb.  The colours are blue, and yellow, and there is a lot going on.  It is a swirl of colour that surrounds her, and the stage.  Probably one of the best stagings we have seen so far.  Nevena has delivered once again.  The press applauded a lot.  If we were to be asked if it would qualify.  We would have to say it certainly would.  



                                   SERBIA - FIRST REHEARSAL V's SECOND REHEARSAL


It is difficult to decide.  Both times that she has taken to the stage has seen her give outstanding  performances.  Both have delivered great vocals, staging.  The important thing here, is that Nevena has given performances that are worthy of a qualification to the final.  Go Serbia.   



Serbia have really shone so far at the contest, and exceeded all expectations.  What do you think of Nevena's rehearsal?  Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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