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Belarus | Zena treats us to something different for her second rehearsal

May 9, 2019


We are on day five of the rehearsals where fifteen countries will sing today, in a bit to update their performances, and fine tune how they will be portrayed on screen.  The countries that will be rehearsing today will only have twenty minutes today, as opposed to the forty that they have been accustomed too.  Next up this morning was Belarus with Zena who sang, "Like It".



Fans of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will definitely recognise Zena as one of the hosts in last years contest hosted in Minsk, Belarus. Having also voiced the Russian dub's of Moana in Moana and Ralph Breaks The Internet and has also placed third in the Russian equivalent of Operacion Triunfo. Back in March, Zena won the national selection show 'Nationalny Otbor' with almost a perfect score - totaling 69 out of 70. 



                                                          REWIND - BELARUS - FIRST REHEARSAL

Zena starts her performance joined by two dancers on stage and is wearing a very colourful outfit and delivers a very high activity routine. The stage is packed out with boxes which the three of them are between for the performance. The song itself is very vocally & physically demanding but Zena manages to keep herself composed. 


The whole vibe the performance gives off is young, hip and somewhat urban. There's graffiti-like backing with lots of movement, lots of bright colours and lots of in your face graphics. The amount of movement really works with the song which is undeniably a great bop. We just saw somebody describe the theme as 'skater-chic' and it's probably hit the nail on the head! 


For the final chorus, Zena and the two male backing dancers are joined by two female dancers and the routine for the final 30 seconds is brilliant and full of energy. The staging really fits the youthful party nature of the song and on the second run she also successfully pulls off the note.



                                                      BELARUS - SECOND REHEARSAL 

Zena has treated us all to something different for her second rehearsal - she is now wearing a very white and pink coloured outfit that looks young and hip. The backing visuals have also changed a little, but they are still just as bright and colourful as they were before. Zena and her backing vocalists have delivered a strong vocal performance, and despite all the dancing she is doing, she manages to hold her vocals very well.



                                                    BELARUS - FIRST REHEARSAL vs. SECOND 

Belarus have probably had the biggest change so far between first and second rehearsals, with a whole outfit change and a change to the backing visuals on stage. Zena also seems to be more comfortable on stage, which we can see in her performance and hear in her vocals, which are stronger this time round.



The press centre seemed to have liked it, but did you like it?  Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below


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