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ESC 2019 | Israel's Golden Boy to make Guest Appearance at the Contest

You could not have Eurovision in Israel without having the countries very own golden boy Nadav Gudej perform. The young singer has been confirmed as an act that will be making an appearance during the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 final.

The singer who invited us to go to Tel Aviv in 2015, will be welcoming us to his city, as he prepares for his Eurovision appearance next week. Many of the fans in the arena will be delighted to hear him reprise his entry, that saw many wanting to go to Israel.

It is going to be an exciting final as the singer is set to be joined by a whole host of former Israeli Eurovision stars, who are set to bring the stage alight with their performances. It has been confirmed that stars such as Netta, and Dana International will also join the singer,

Many are eager to see the opening ceremony that will see a giant plane land on the stage, with Netta being the pilot welcoming all the countries aboard. It will see the participants emerge and take their place in the flag ceremony which has almost become Eurovision tradition these days.

Check out Andy's interview with Kobi Marimi below:

According to an official EBU statement the participants will then meet Dana International, before she begins performing the song, "Tel Aviv", and "Diva" which she will be accompanied by several dancers.

It has also be confirmed that she will come back to the stage later on, and be joined by the United Kingdom's very own commentator who will likely ask her several questions.

Many are excited to see a guest appearance by Madonna who has been confirmed as the interval act. She will be singing two songs on the Eurovision stage.

This year will be full of glitz, and glamour as the Eurovision Song Contest will see many former stars take to the stage once more.

Will you be here in Tel Aviv? Are you looking forward to seeing Nadav Gudej perform? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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