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Sweden | 'It Felt So Amazing' As Eurovoxx Talks To John Lundvik

John Lundvik who is this year's Swedish representative is a very busy man these days, since winning the Melodifestivalen 2019, and representing his country at the Eurovision song contest. Yesterday, he did his first rehearsal to loud applause, and even came second in the press poll. After this, he made time to speak to the press who were eagerly awaiting to talk to him. Eurovoxx were there, and were extremely fortunate to talk to him. Fanboy Andy, who was so keen to speak to one of his favourite singers was more than happy to quiz him on his performance. Still dressed in his rehearsal attire, this is what he had to say to Andy. Please check the full interview out below.

Andy started the interview by congratulating the talented singer, and telling him that he nailed his rehearsal. We asked John how it felt to be on stage in Tel Aviv. He told us that, "It felt so amazing. I have been a little bit nervous bringing the thing we did in Sweden all the way to Tel Aviv, with a few minor, but even bigger adjustments. It is a lot to take in but I think we nailed it. I really loved it. After we went to the green room, and I saw it for the first time. The new content, the new lightning, the new LED screens. I am so happy". He should be happy, as the performance was just so wow, and it deserved all the praise that it got.

We were happy that there were not many changes to the song, and that the "Mama's" were there. It really is the full package having them all there together on stage. Of this, we were told that, "they really give that oooommmpphhh, and I am so happy that they are there with me". To us his performance looked outstanding, but we wanted to know if there were any technical issues? "It felt so good, it's so different because we go through to different rooms". John explained how there were rooms for the mic, and inner ear checks. Everything is checked before the artist can perform.

The team also told John about the press centre, and the reaction he had received. We told him everyone went crazy. The star seemed so humbled by this, and appreciated this. He was so excitable, and said, "wow". It makes everyone happy, and we wanted to know if he had heard that reaction from people about it. He said, "yes, I do, but I think I am so happy performing the song, and getting that kind of reaction is the best thing in the world, especially as an artist... Keep on jumping". That is certainly something we will do. Check out the Eurovoxx reaction to the first rehearsal below.

We know that John will qualify, and were wondering if he feels any pressure now that he is here in Tel Aviv. We were told that, "Right now, No!!! because everything is so joyful, and the rehearsal went well. I am just filled with energy, and happiness". He went a bit coy, and said, "maybe I will get a little bit nervous, but today I am just happy". The whole team believe that the whole performance was flawless, polished, and slick, so there should be no worries.

The interview ended with the final words from John to his fans. He said that, "I don't know why you should vote, but if you like the song, please vote. I will be so happy. It is never to late for love". Fitting words in deed. The whole team at Eurovoxx would like to wish John Lundvik, and the whole Swedish team the best of luck.

Do you like the song? Do you think it will qualify? Is it to late for love? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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