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Norway | KEiiNO bring the Northern Lights to Tel Aviv

Welcome back to Eurovoxx's coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 rehearsals! We're already at day four which means today we will see the first rehearsals of all nine countries which drew second half of the second semi final - including the two current favourites to win! Join us all day on our YouTube channel, website & other social media for the latest updates and video content.

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It was a long morning due to there only being one break in action today, first up now that lunch is over is ... Norway! One of the fan favourites, and the only artist to do the entire European circuit last month, trio KEiiNO will be singing 'Spirit in the Sky' for Norway at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. They're fusing pop with ethnic Sami joiking and the end result is fantastic.

Two of the three members of KEiiNO - Alexandra Rotan and Tom Hugo - competed in last years Norwegian national final, with Alex featuring in a duet with Norway's 2011 representative Stella Mwangi and making it to the top four however neither were able to beat returning 2009 winner Alexander Rybak. Third member - Fred Buljo - adds the unique Norwegian Sami joik but his origins in music come from being a member of rap & hip-hop group Duolva Duottar.

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In the national final, KEiiNO's stage show involved a LOT of lights and a LOT of drummers - a lot more than six - so it was always going to be interesting to see how they replicate such an incredible moment on the Eurovision stage. All three members are dressed in black and they start on all three corners of the stage. Alexandra is up on the back whilst Tom & Fred are on the catwalk on either end.

As the song continues, the two guys make their way to Alexandra and then for the rest of the performance they stay together. There are a lot of wide shots and a lot of golden colours. During Fred's joik the pyrotechnics start and continue for the rest of the song, building up and then exploding for the final chorus.

Vocals sound probably the best we've heard them which is great as sometimes there have been off moments. We're a little surprised at the lack of the Northern Lights as we definitely expected to see rich green's and blue's in the backdrop which could really have been a 'moment'.

Norway's second rehearsal will take place on Saturday 11th May and they will be performing fifteenth in the second semi final on Thursday 16th May.

Will you be supporting Norway at this years Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on KEiiNO's first rehearsal.

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