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Malta | Give her fire, she's a fighter - Michela recovers at First Rehearsal!

Welcome back to Eurovoxx's coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 rehearsals! We're already at day four which means today we will see the first rehearsals of all nine countries which drew second half of the second semi final - including the two current favourites to win! Join us all day on our YouTube channel, website & other social media for the latest updates and video content.

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Second up and livening things up is Malta! We've had a great time over the past six months following their new selection method - X Factor Malta - and the journey of the winner and representative for Eurovision 2019 Michela. She's going to be singing the fantastic party uptempo number called 'Chameleon'.

Pretty much from the first episode, Michela was the favourite to win the X Factor Malta's debut series. Her audition of UK 2013 singer Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' gave us ALL goosebumps! Throughout the competition she went from high to high before eventually winning back in January. When she won I don't think many people expected her to bring one of the best uptempos of the year, as she most commonly sung ballads, however she shocked us all when she delivered that!

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Michela is wearing all-white, however there is non-stop colour explosions on the stage as you can imagine from a song titled 'Chameleon'! Most of the performance consists of zoomed in shots - with a half cube LED box on the stage.

The LED box changes 'scenes' throughout the performance - starting off with Michela in a window. She opens a door and it reveals a bedroom and then soon becomes underwater with augmented reality fish swimming around her. Over the first two and a half minutes we see many scenes including an urban cityscape, a desert, a jungle, the clouds. There's a trusted chameleon in each shot changing colour!

As we break in to the final chorus, Michela starts pulling out the big notes and the camera pans to the whole stage which is engulfed in colours. The stage is very busy but is as colourful as you could imagine and it really works. The vocal problems in the first run through were resolved by the second - perhaps technical issues? All in all after a slight wobble at the start of the rehearsal Michela really pulled it back.

Malta's second rehearsal will take place on Saturday 11th May and they will be performing eleventh in the second semi final on Thursday 16th May. Check out the Eurovoxx reaction to Michela's first rehearsal here:

Will you be supporting Malta at this years Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on Michela's first rehearsal.

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