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Eurovision 2019 | Who were the winners and losers from Day 4 Rehearsals?

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The days are all blurring into one, and passing us by so quick. We were back for day four of the rehearsals, with the final countries performing. Eurovision has truly begun in spectacular style as the fourth day of the rehearsals have arrived, and gone. Today has seen the final nine countries perform, and they have come from the second semi final. They were Croatia, Malta, Lithuania, Russia, Albania, Norway, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, and Azerbaijan. They have all performed, with Eurovoxx wondering who were the winners, and who were the losers from today's performances?

This is the last day of the first rehearsals, and there have been some movement in the polls. Today's batch of songs will come from the artists from semi final two. Also, a lot of today was finding out which camera angles worked best, and the best position to be in. Who were today's winners, and losers?

Press Poll

The press on the ground saw several attempts at rehearsing, and were able to watch the performances live on the screens. After everyone had performed, this is how the press voted. We would like to thank our friends at escxtra for compiling the figures. They are not to be taken to literally, but a guide on how those who witnessed the performances live felt.


Without doubt the biggest winner today was Azerbaijan. Although the song was highly regarded, it was not challenging for the top spot. Chingiz performance has certainly seen him elevate to first place in the rankings. The reaction by the press who were up on their feet proves why he is number one in this pole. Russia too are a winner, Sergey has certainly put any doubts that people may have had to rest now, as his performance today was so strong. Finally we can add North Macedonia to this list. People knew it was a great song, but were always worried that the staging could be a let down. Those fears had been put to rest, as everything was perfect, and the press have rated her accordingly in their votes.

The Losers:

Lithuania unfortunately came bottom of this poll. It's a very tough semi final. With some pretty big hitters, the press poll really did not favour the Baltic nation. Croatia too narrowly avoided coming last, despite one of the more memorable performances. Although they are in the top 4, Netherlands are being placed in this list, only because they have always been the clear favourites from most polls, so it is interesting how they have fared with the press opinion.

The Bookies Odd's

The betting odds have also been a key feature. Although, there have been minor movements in the betting's, they tend to say a little of how today's performances went. There have not been a huge jump in the movement, but some subtle changes which means some songs, are now out of the top ten for the first time. Remember though that more songs will perform tomorrow, and it is likely to shift again.


If the odds list is anything to go by, there would be six countries from today's show that will qualify for the grand final. The biggest winners here are Russia, and Azerbaijan who have managed to secure their places on the top ten. Azerbaijan in particular have seen a flutter of votes today given that the performance was solid, and the choreography being extremely slick, and impressive.


Croatia, and Lithuania are the two countries that have failed to capitalise on the semi finals. Despite putting in strong performances, there has not been a dramatic rise in the odd's that would suggest a qualification is on the cards. However, this is only the first rehearsal, and lots will change in the coming days.

The Views On YouTube

What were people watching today? Who were the public most eager to watch? The YouTube hits of the performers will favour the countries that performed first. However, there are some stand out figures. So who were the winners, and the losers?


There are two clear winners in regards to the views. Russia have scored a massive 137,000 views since he performed earlier. Also Malta is another one that seen a huge amount of people wanting to see how it was performed. Since her rehearsal there has been over 92,000 views.


There are not any real losers. However, Norway have seen only 22,000 hits which is in stark contrast to those of Russia, and Malta. North Macedonia, Azerbaijan have also only had 205,000 plus views. Don't forget these countries have performed last, and have not had the chance to clock up the views as some of the other countries.

Who were your winners, and losers from today's first rehearsal? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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