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Croatia | 'We all dream of love, share love, spread love' We talk to Roko

It was the last day of the first rehearsals today, that saw Roko Blažević perform first. As you would expect there would be a lot of pressure on this young talented star, who is the pride of Croatia at the moment. He really delivered today with the staging being absolutely superb, and there was no doubt that the vocals were amazing, and that he can deliver an amazing performance. Still wearing his angelic white suit, he was more than willing to answer questions from Andy, who was happy to see him again, after first interviewing him in Madrid several weeks ago. Please check the interview, and the Eurovoxx reaction in the article below.

The first questioned that was aimed at the young star, was how his performance went? We were certainly happy how it went. He told us that, "yeah, I am happy, maybe there is always something to improve on. The song is good. The production is fantastic. I think they are doing their best, and we are doing our best". He certainly is, and his fellow Croatians must be so proud of him.

It was a memorable stage show with volcanoes, earthquakes, and angels coming down from the sky. It has probably been a difficult secret to keep. Now the reactions are out, we wanted to know if he had heard any of them? He smiled and said, "many of them told me that they like the golden wings... for a golden boy. My two dancers, or should i say my guardian angels have golden wings, so i have golden wings. It has just improved since Dora, our national final. Now I think everything looks better. We have the story, we have the crowning with that wings. They are giving me back my wings because like a reward because I didn't give up on love, or making this world a better place... Yeah I got my wings back". He has certainly earned them with the performance he gave today.

Roko starts the performance off, when he is lying down, he told us it was not that difficult, and that a bit of practice makes it easier. We also wanted to know if he was glad he kept the wings, we were told that, "in the beginning most of the people didn't like them, or do something with them or fly. We wanted to fly but you know it's not safe to fly around the arena, so I am glad they wanted the wings back". He also talked about Madrid, and Moscow and said that they really wanted him to have wings. He has given them the wings now, and the team believe he had them hidden in his back pack all along.

Now that his first rehearsal is done, we wanted to know what his plans for the little time that he has free. Roko told us that, "I think they organised a lot, tour visits, but first we have to relax, and sleep a little bit... we only slept for two hours before we came to rehearsals. We are going to relax, tomorrow is the day off, and maybe tomorrow we will go and visit some sites, or visit the beach, and enjoy this wonderful weather". He compared the beach to his home town back in Croatia. Roko is home from home.

He talked of his beautiful country, and how people should visit it. He welcomes us all there. We wanted to know if he qualified for the final, how would he celebrate? "Well it is going to be difficult to celebrate because the day after the semi final, is the jury rehearsal for the finals. The most important shows. So we have to relax, and sleep, but there is going to be a party I am sure". We feel if he does, there will be a huge party in Croatia too. Check out the Eurovoxx reaction to the first rehearsal below.

Roko is one busy performer, and will graduate after the contest, not before taking three exams. He passed his other exams with flying colours, and now feels he had less stress now. He is going to enjoy. What is impressive is how chilled the performer is, and the fact that he does not have stage fright. The dancers had more nerves than the performer in fact. "I am just really enjoying it, and live the dream".

The final words went to Roko, as we asked why the viewing public should vote for him. The Croatian star said that, "well if you like the song, the dream, and if you like the wings. You should definitely vote for Croatia. We all dream of love, share love, spread love". This was perhaps a really fitting way to end the interview.

The whole team would like to wish Roko, and Croatia the very best when it comes to semi final two. We hope it qualifies, and to see him in the grand final.

What did you think of the first rehearsal today? Do you think Roko will qualify? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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