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Moldova | Kseniya Simonov and Mika Newton talk Eurovision 2019!

May 7, 2019

Image courtesy of www.eurovision.tv


Kesniya Simonov, the artists behind Anna Odobescu's stage performance in Tel Aviv, has spoken out about her participation in Eurovision 2019 as part of team Moldova.


Kseniya, who previously joined Mika Newton from Ukraine on stage in Dusseldorf at Eurovision 2011, has revealed that she approached Anna and proposed her staging ideas to her. Kseniya went on to say that unlike in 2011 when she created sand art, this year, she is creating snow art:


"I proposed my snow fantasy to Anna, who I consider one of the strongest voices of Eurovision, and was proud and happy to be invited to do her staging act as #Team Moldova.

It had to be a theatre, not a mapping, or computer graphics, it is live, magic and.. snowy!"



Mika Newton, who has been inundated with messages from fans regarding this years Eurovision staging for Moldova has also spoken out on her official Instagram. She has shared a few videos alongside this message:




Check out our reaction to Moldova's first rehearsal:


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