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Belgium | Eurovoxx Talks To Eliot From Belgium

It was Belgium's turn to shine on Sunday when one of the youngest contestants Eliot woke us up with his amazing song, "Wake Up" after his first rehearsal. The young star really performed well on stage, and brought us the drums back to the contest. We all know Andy likes a drum. He was so humble, and pleased to be interviewed by the team, and despite a busy schedule made time to talk to us. He could not help but comment on Clara's perfume, which in fact was all natural. The interview was all smiles, and check out the full interview below.

The interview began with Clara telling the young star that we were super impressed with the staging, and it was not what we were expecting, and asked how did he come up with the oriental concept. He told us that, "You can call it what you want... The drums were the first idea that came out. We talked with the whole team, because I think it is important to have the opinion of everyone. The drums amplifies the song, and the stage I think". We agree with this, as they do bring out a new element to the song, and adds that wow factor.

The next question that was asked was in regards to the colours, but especially the orange colour that seems so prevalent in the staging. Clara suggested maybe having some glow in the dark elements to the performance. Eliot responded by telling us that, "Maybe, I don't know. It could be really good if it glows in the dark. The clothes were made by Walter Van Beirendonck. He is a really famous stylist in Belgium, and it is an honour for me to wear this pieces of art. It is special". Once again, the team do agree. The outfit looks amazing on Eliot, and does suit the song.

Eliot has done the whole circuit of pre-parties when it came to Eurovision. We wanted to know how it differed to the other stages that he has sung on. He told us, "I think every stage is different, and this is a really good stage, and the song is so good, and it's really huge when you are on stage. The venue is huge". It must be very daunting for such a young performer. Check out Eurovoxx reacts to Eliot below.

Since he was chosen to become Belgium's entrant this year, the young singer has had a blossoming friendship with the Spanish singer Miki this year. He sung it well, and with Clara's help, it was nearly perfect. We wish Eliot all the best when he sings in semi final one.

Are you a fan of the song? Do you think Eliot will qualify? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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