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Greece | Find out why Katerine Duska reacted like this as we talk to Greece

Yesterday we had the first rehearsals of all the participants from the first semi final. There were eight countries performing for the first time with Greece's Katerine being one of them. There was no doubt they she absolutely nailed her performance, and putting any doubts that people may have had to rest. After she performed, she took time out of her busy schedule to talk to the press. Team Eurovoxx were so happy, and lucky that she made time for us, and was more than happy to talk to Andy. Probably one of the best introductions that the singer could have had was when Andy showed Katerine, his rendition of her song. She certainly appreciated this, and found it quite amusing. To see this, and the interview check it out below.

The interview started with Andy being in fine tune, and hitting all those high notes. She was all politeness as she was so happy to see team Eurovoxx again. We asked how she was finding her time here, she said she felt great, and in regards to the rehearsals, the singer was pleased how it was going, and that there were minor things that were going to be changed. You could tell that the rehearsals, and the preparation was going well.

Andy could net help comment that the first rehearsal was spectacular, and that it was obvious why the staging was all being kept a secret. Andy said it had the wow factor to which Katerine said, "it's gonna get a lot better... we are working a lot on the lighting, it definitely needs some changes, and direction, but it was very productive. I am glad that the feedback was great". That is something that we all agree on too.

The team were aware that the singer had a lot of input into how it was staged, and the outfits. She told us that, "I've also entrusted a lot of things, and these rolls.... I think we are a great team, it's all coming together. Rehearsals are rehearsals, and for mistakes we are learning from the first rehearsal". However, the performances that the team saw in the press centre looked flawless, so it is even likely that greater things will come from Greece. "The live will be greater than this" she ended this segment of the interview with.

We wanted to know about the staging, and the story that is almost seems to tell us. The talented singer agreed that it did. "To be honest I just wanted it to feel like a revolution of love. It's open, we are playing with a different ideas, and some symbolism... I just wanted it to feel very romantic, and a Renaissance kind of way. Just beautiful, gentle and positive". It certainly does convey this message.

Greece are so popular at the contest, and have such a committed, and passionate Eurovision fan base, we wanted to know how she was coping with the pressure, and expectation. She told us that, "I try to be calm, I am not naturally a calm person, but it's been such an intense process from day one... I try to focus on me, and what i need, and what I want. It's a lot of pressure". The artist is such a positive person, and only really tried to think of the positive aspects. Her attitude beams positivity. Check out Andy reacts below:

The attention then moved on to the singer herself, and how much love she has received from the fans. She has told us that, "I am really so grateful. They have been so wonderful to me. I have felt so supported. I don't know if it is like that for everyone. I don't take it for granted". This was echoed in the live chat that the team did, where the was so much love for the singer.

We wanted to know about the singers plans when she has time off. She admitted that there wouldn't be much time, but doing press would be a big part of it. However, "I would like to hit the beach... I have not taken a day off in five months, literally i think i deserve it". Andy could not help but advise that she would need sun protection. Katerine is Greek however, and is used to the weather that Tel Aviv offers.

One of the big questions was why should the public vote for Greece, she said, "we all want this a lot. I definitely want this a lot. I have worked so hard for this. I try really not to judge my work on any results. I just want to be proud of what we want to present. This was the vision. This is what we have been working for months. For me if that happens, and it translates on stage, then it'll be great". The amazing singer has no worries there as it does exactly what she wants.

The interview ended will so many smiles. Greece will be performing in semi final 1, in the hope that they will qualify this year. The whole team love this song, and would like to wish Katerine Duska the very best of luck.

What have you thought of the rehearsals? Do you think Katerine will qualify? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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