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Eurovision 2019 | Day Three Rehearsals - who were the Winners and Losers?

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The days are all blurring into one, and passing us by so quick. We were back for day three of the rehearsals. Eurovision has truly begun in spectacular style as the third day of the rehearsals have arrived, and gone. Today has seen nine countries perform, and they have come from the second semi final. They were Armenia, Ireland, Moldova, Switzerland, Latvia, Romania, Denmark, Austria, and Sweden. They have all performed, with Eurovoxx wondering who were the winners, and who were the losers from today's performances?

It is interesting to note, that this is only day three, and there are more rehearsals to come. Today's batch of songs will come from the artists from semi final two. Also, a lot of today was finding out which camera angles worked best, and the best position to be in. Who were today's winners, and losers?

Press Poll

The press on the ground saw several attempts at rehearsing, and were able to watch the performances live on the screens. After everyone had performed, this is how the press voted. We would like to thank our friends at escxtra for compiling the figures. They are not to be taken to literally, but a guide on how those who witnessed the performances live felt.


Without doubt there were several winners of the press poll. There is no surprise to see Switzerland, who won the poll, and Sweden come in a close second place. They are winners due to the sheer volume of votes received for them, there are over 60 points difference between these top two, and the third place. Which leads us to Austria, Paenda's emotional performance was enough to convince the press to vote for her, and award her third place. The poll also favoured Denmark who came fourth.


Someone has to come last, and that was Latvia. Despite putting on a wonderful show, it was not rewarded by the press in the poll. Moldova too who had technical difficulties failed to drum up enough support only scoring five points. Whether it was because of this or the fact that the sand artist had been used in Ukraine's performance in 2011. However, this is only one rehearsal, changes can be made, and artists are finding themselves, and their positions on stage, so should never be taken to literally.

The Bookies Odd's:

The betting odds have also been a key feature. Although, there have been minor movements in the betting's, they tend to say a little of how today's performances went. There have not been a huge jump in the movement, but some subtle changes which means some songs, are now out of the top ten for the first time. Remember though that more songs will perform tomorrow, and it is likely to shift again.


There were definite some winners today from the first rehearsals of the second semi final. Sweden who performed last are firm favourites to qualify next week. Nothing much has changed there. but they have secured, and cemented their lead at the top of the leader board. Switzerland also appear on this list, but that is hardly a surprise, considering the hype that has surrounded this younger. To be fair, he has pulled off a great rehearsal. Armenia are also today's winners according to the bookmakers is in the top ten. Denmark has also charmed the bookies enough today to push Albania out of the top ten. However, Albania are yet to perform their first rehearsal.


Unfortunately someone has to come last, and it is Ireland that seem to be filling that spot. The rehearsal failed to improve its odds on qualifying. Latvia is another country that have continued un- inspire the public to place money on them for qualification. With more rehearsals tomorrow that could all change.

The YouTube Views:

What were people watching today? Who were the public most eager to watch? The YouTube hits of the performers will favour the countries that performed first. However, there are some stand out figures. So who were the winners, and the losers?


Armenia, and Switzerland were the big hitters of the YouTube view count. Both countries have exceeded over 60,000 plus views, with people really wanting to see how these looked.


Denmark come in on this list. It has 25,000 votes. Although Sweden, and Austria have the lowest viewing figures, it is important to note that they were the last to perform, and not had the extra hours exposure as some of the others.

Who were your winners, and losers from today's first rehearsal? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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