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Austria | PAENDA brings a very emotional First Rehearsal

Over the past two days we've seen all the countries participating in the first semi final rehearse, but now we're on day three it means that it is time for the countries in semi final to take to the Eurovision stage. Today the first half of the semi final will have their first rehearsals so make sure to stay with us as we update you on all the performances and staging as the Eurovision Song Contest gets even more real!

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The last country to rehearse today was meant to be Austria who closes the first half of the second semi final however for unknown reasons they've been swapped with Sweden, so now she's in . Opting for another internal selection after the success of the past few years, broadcaster ORF selected PAENDA and her enchanting ballad 'Limits'. Despite being one of the more understated songs of the year, the emotions that she is able to convey could definitely challenge.

Growing up with a big interest in music, Paenda moved to Vienna aged 20 to study at the Vienna Institute of Music. She released her first album - Evolution I - last year and then released her second album - Evolution II - last week! She gave a preview performance of a song from the album at London's Eurovision Party and it was fantastic - so make sure you get involved in the competition Eurovoxx are running at the moment for a signed copy of the album!

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The whole staging is set up to be a very intimate, fragile moment and its position in the running order after a big player like Sweden works with that. Her vocals are incredibly delicate and emotive with her in tears by the end of some of the run-throughs.

The backdrop is mostly black & white, with Paenda also wearing all black which makes her hair stand out whilst the bridges on either side are illuminated blue which once again works really well at highlighting her iconic blue hair. She's joined on stage by a forest of LED light pillars which make the stage look crazy pretty on camera. Small amounts of colour are added for the second chorus.

There's a short acapella moment which is also very effective in creating this intimate setting. Potential dark horse?

Austria's second rehearsal will take place on Friday 10th May and they will be performing ninth in the second semi final on Thursday 16th May.

Will you be supporting Austria at this years Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on Paenda's first rehearsal.

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