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San Marino | Say Na Na Na for Serhat's First Rehearsal!

Yesterday we saw the first nine participating countries in semi final one take to the Eurovision stage in Tel Aviv for their first rehearsals! Today, join us as we take a look at the second full day of rehearsals where the eight countries who drew the second half places for Tuesday 14th's first semi final. Here at Eurovoxx we'll be bringing you all the latest rehearsal updates and reviews so keep an eye on our website, YouTube channel & social media!

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The last country to rehearse on Day 2 of rehearsals is San Marino! It feels fate that the iconic Serhat closes the day off for rehearsal with his return to Eurovision three years after his 2016 appearance. This year, Serhat is singing 'Say Na Na Na' and as you can imagine is bringing the fun, the madness and the stage show!

Serhat placed 12th in the semi final back in 2016 when he competed for San Marino with 'I Didn't Know' however fans may be aware that the song made a comeback last Summer when it reached 25 in the US Billboard Dance charts! Serhat's career has spanned 25 years and in this time the Turkish-born star has worked as a TV presenter, singer and producer.


Serhat is back and what a great show closer! From the start it's very much an explosion of colour. Wearing a white suit, Serhat is located at the back of the stage on a box-like podium and is joined by backing singers and dancers. Choreography is ... a choice. During the chorus and the 'Say Na Na Na's they've got some synchronized hand waving which is about what you expect from the performance.

There's choreography throughout with his dancers and there is also the inclusion of some megaphones. Check out the photo used at the top of the page ... it's effectively that but they light up and look pretty cool! The backdrop is colourful, mixed colours from oranges to purples to yellows with the addition of lyrics occasionally. The megaphone above also appears on the backdrop with 'Say Na Na Na' coming out of them.

All in all, San Marino are giving a very fun performance to close the semi final. Is this qualifying?? Perhaps not.

San Marino's second rehearsal will take place on Friday 10th May and they will be performing seventeeth (and last) in the first semi final on Tuesday 14th May.

Will you be supporting San Marino at this years Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on Serhat's first rehearsal.

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