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Eurovision 2019 | Day Two Rehearsals who were the Winners and Losers?

We were back for day two of the rehearsals, Eurovision has truly begun in spectacular style as the second day of the rehearsals arrived, and came. Eight countries, which were Belgium, Georgia, Australia, Iceland, Estonia, Portugal, Greece, and San Marino all performed today, and with this in mind Eurovoxx wonders who were the winners, and who were the losers from today's performances.

It is interesting to note, that this is only day two, and there are more rehearsals to come. The next batch will include the songs from semi final two. Also, a lot of today was finding out which camera angles worked best, and the best position to be in. Who were today's winners, and losers?

Press Poll

The press on the ground saw several attempts at rehearsing, and were able to watch the performances live on the screens. After everyone had performed, this is how the press voted. We would like to thank our friends at escxtra for compiling the figures:


Here the clear winner is Australia. There was no doubt that Iceland, and Greece were gonna tick the right boxes, and do very well. What is interesting is that although the song was highly regarded, how it has massively jumped to the top of the press poll. There is no doubt that the staging was spectacular, with even "winner" vibes coming from some in the Eurovoxx team. They won today with a 22 point margin, and that is impressive. San Marino have also impressed those watching it in the press centre today. It has made the top four, and despite being slated for being a "cheesy" song, it went down well. It just proves that a bit of kitsch fun is always welcome. Finally, although Georgia are in the bottom four, they make it into the list of the winners section, as Oto did steal the show to an extent, it got mass of applause, and is no longer appearing to be languishing on the bottom.


Estonia, Portugal, and Belgium. If this poll is to be believed these will not qualify, Up until now the songs have fared well in polls, and opinions. Especially Portugal who have also had the mass of fans flocking to Conan's very different song, "Telemóveis". Unfortunately someone had to come last, and that was reserved for Estonia. There were some technical difficulties, so today's result shouldn't be taken as to what will actually happen in the semi final next week.

The Bookies Odd's

The betting odds have also been a key feature. Although, there have been minor movements in the betting's, they tend to say a little of how today's performances went. Only five in fact will qualify from today's first rehearsals, if these odds are to be trusted.

It has been quite interesting in the odd's, and there has been a bit of movement in regards to that. There is no surprise that Greece has remained on the top, and they have secured that lead with a solid first rehearsal. Cyprus as expected is a very close second.

Of the eight performers today, five have made it into the top ten that will qualify for the final. Just like the bookie favourites there are some interesting results, and movements as a result of today's first rehearsals.


Most countries have stayed the same in regards to their respective placing prior to the rehearsals today. However, there have been some movements that have seen Australia, and Belgium jump some places, and secure their right to qualify according to the bookies. This is at the expense of Serbia, and Slovenia who move down in the rankings. Also, Georgia have been placed in the list of winners today as a result of movement from them too. Not amazing, but enough to think that they could actually qualify.


There appears to be one that has made the drop in the odd's and that is Estonia. Unfortunately, the bookies have not taken to kind to the performance, and it has dropped in the odd's. Although still a qualifier, it may not take much for this song to languish in semi final 1.

The Views On YouTube

What were people watching today? Who were the public most eager to watch? The YouTube hits of the performers will favour the countries that performed first. However, there are some stand out figures. So who were the winners, and the losers?


Belgium, and Australia have topped the view count figure for today's performances. They have clocked well over 50,000 views on YouTube. Greece have done reasonably well too amassing over 30,000.

The Losers:

Unfortunately, it would appear from the views that San Marino, and Georgia are the ones that viewing public seem to like the least. Both performances have only scraped into 10 plus thousand votes. However, it is worth noting that San Marino were last to perform, and less likely to get the view count as high as others.

Who were your winners, and losers from today's first rehearsal? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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