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Australia | Kate Miller-Heidke raises the roof with First Rehearsal

Yesterday we saw the first nine participating countries in semi final one take to the Eurovision stage in Tel Aviv for their first rehearsals! Today, join us as we take a look at the second full day of rehearsals where the eight countries who drew the second half places for Tuesday 14th's first semi final. Here at Eurovoxx we'll be bringing you all the latest rehearsal updates and reviews so keep an eye on our website, YouTube channel & social media!

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The third and last to take to the stage before lunch is Australia. After four internal selections, Australia decided to host their first ever national final - 'Australia Decides' - which was won by singer-songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke who will represent the nation down under with 'Zero Gravity'. Having never failed to qualify for the final with their well-produced and commercial pop music, Australia have taken a different route this year by sending a pop-opera track to offer something different.

Kate's song 'Zero Gravity' perfectly blends her familiar alternative-pop music with her early classical training to deliver a very fulfilled masterpiece. After a few years singing in bands in Brisbane, Kate went solo in 2002 and has since then released four albums. She perhaps may be best known for her comedy songs or her emotional and quirky song 'The Last Day On Earth' released in 2009. Her song for Eurovision tackles all of the emotions Kate experienced after developing post-natal depression after the birth of her son and how she felt weightless as she recovered.

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There's a lot of interest in Kate's first rehearsal today as one of the expected more eccentric performances. They've opted for a space theme for the performance - which I guess works with the 'zero gravity' theme. One of the biggest criticisms for her national final performance was the dress and it seems they've definitely ditched that! Instead, Kate is wearing a long sparkly white dress which is soo much better than before. She has however kept the 'Frozen' crown.

She's giving the feel that she's floating in space - sat on a pole/column which the viewer won't see. There are also the two 'pole dancers' behind her dress all in black on either side. This is crazy - they are ALL swinging including Kate who is also singing and it looks really impressive, as if they are all flying/floating around space.

The LED floor is in full use, with a rotating projection of Earth beneath her and her two black-cloaked backing dancers. Visually incredible whilst also remaining unique. The 'safe' Australia we've seen over the past few years has been completely replaced and they've put a marvel on for the viewers - this will be great to see on TV!

Australia's second rehearsal will take place on Thursday 9th May and they will be performing twelfth in the first semi final on Tuesday 14th May.

Will you be supporting Australia at this years Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on Kate's first rehearsal.

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