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Eurovision 2019 | Day One Rehearsals, Who were the Winners and Losers?

Eurovision has truly begun in spectacular style as day one of the rehearsals arrived, and came. Nine countries, which were Cyprus, Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Belarus, Slovenia, Poland, Finland, and Montenegro all performed today, and with this in mind Eurovoxx wonders who were the winners, and who were the losers from today's performances.

It is interesting to note, that this is only day one, and there are more rehearsals to come. Also, a lot of today was finding out which camera angles worked best, and the best position to be in. Who were today's winners, and losers?

Press Poll

The press on the ground saw several attempts at rehearsing, and were able to watch the performances live on the screens. After everyone had performed, this is how the press voted. We would like to thank our friends at escxtra for compiling the figures:

It was inevitable that Cyprus would do well. There was lot of hype surrounding the song, and Tamta did indeed deliver a stellar performance. The biggest winners have to be Serbia, and the Czech Republic. Although the songs had always been highly regarded, their performances certainly have stirred things up. They did have the most rousing applause from the press centre. The Czech Republic brought energy, and fun to the stage, with the choreograhpy, really appealing to the press. Serbia or should we say Nevena the powerhouse Božović really did deliver. Her song excelled all expectations, and the way it was displayed was simply stunning.

Unfortunately, someone has got to come last, and the press decided it was Montenegro, A harsh zero points was given. However, the vocals were very tight, and today was about D-Mol finding their feet. Perhaps the biggest surprise in this list is Poland. They have always been highly regarded, but didn't seem 100 percent as comfortable on stage, as they have done so at the pre parties. An audience full of people should rectify this.

Betting Odd's

The betting odds have are also key feature. Although, there has been minor movements in the betting's odd's they tend to say that of today's performers, only five in fact will qualify from today's first rehearsals if these odds are to be trusted.

The biggest winners seem to the Czech Republic that have really shot up in the odd's. The same has also happened to Serbia. An impressive first rehearsal, and fantastic staging has really seen the the bookies taking more odds on this one.

Although, they haven't dropped. The performances by Montengro and Finland have left those placing bets in them really uninspired, and not much in the way in odds are being placed for these two.

YouTube Views

The European Broadcasting Union kindly placed small snippets of today's performances on YouTube, giving the fans an opportunity to see their favourite. The viewing figures show quite an interesting story as to who, and what people were watching.

The winners without a doubt were Cyprus who clocked up a staggering 224,00 plus views. Poland, and Finland also did well as they both received over 100,000 views. It is important to note that these performed a lot earlier, when interest was at its highest.

The losers seem to have been Serbia, Hungary, and Montenegro who all clocked up a little over 40,000 + views. Once again, these countries performed later, and have not had the hours that others to clock up the views. Nevertheless they do make an interesting read.

Who were your winners, and losers from today's first rehearsal? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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