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San Marino | Monica Fabbri Will Annouce Votes For San Marino At Eurovision 2019

April 30, 2019


With less than two weeks until the grand final, and only a few days until the official rehearsals of the countries start, more and more details are emerging of the finer details of the contest.  Today's news comes from San Marino, with Monica Fabbri being announced as the official spokesperson for the country.


The television presenter, and news anchor will be the one responsible for giving out those precious twelve points.  Monica is known in San Marino as a presenter, and as a journalist, so it would seem apt that she will be the one awarding the points for the small country.  There will be no Valentina Monetta this year.


Check out Clara talking to Serhat below:




This is not the first time that the presenter has in fact given the votes for her country.  Back in 2012 when the contest was held in Baku, Azerbaijan she was also responsible as official spokesperson.


This year, the country is pinning all its hopes on Serhat who will be singing his self penned hit, "Say, Na, Na, Na".  Although it is not troubling the bookmakers, it has become very popular with the fans.  There is a real chance this year that the country will qualify for a second time in its ten year history.  Serhat will perform last  in the first semi final, just after Greece.  This is seen as a very advantageous position to sing. 


Do you think San Marino will qualify this year?  Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below. 


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