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France | Julia Molkhou Revealed As Spokesperson For France At Eurovision 2019

The line up for France at this year's Eurovision is almost complete as the French broadcaster has revealed the name of this year's spokesperson who will utter those immortal words, "Douze Point" in Tel Aviv. Julia Molkhou has been revealed as the person who will reveal the votes.

In her native land she is very popular and is a well known actress, as well as a columnist on the show 'Bons baisers d'Europe', which coincidentally is presented by the French commentator Stéphane Bern. Since 2005 she has appeared in over five French films, and has been rather prolific in her television work appearing in a number of programmes such as "Le Secret de l’arche", and "Scènes de ménages".

Relive France's Eurovision moment from last year below:

The last few days have seen several countries releasing the names of their spokespersons, with France adding Julia to that list today.

Last year the country was represented by Madame Monsieur who sang their self penned hit, "Mercy". The song scored 173 points, culminating in a 13th place finish. Although it did not win, it has become an evergreen of the contest.

Are you happy with the choice of Julia as spokesperson? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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