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France | Bilal Hassani releases debut album 'Kingdom'

He can see his Kingdom, and now you can hear it! The 2019 french representative, Bilal Hassani, has just released his debut album, titled Kingdom. This comes after he performed at the release party of the album at the City Hall of Paris a couple of days ago.

His new album consists of 15 songs, one of which is his entry for this year's contest Roi. The album is available to download and purchase on Spotify and iTunes.

You can listen to one of the album songs and the 2019 entry Roi below:

As France is part of the so called 'Big 5', Bilal Hassani will automatically qualify for the Grand Final on the 18th May. Last year, the country were represented by 'Madame Monsieur' with the song Mercy, coming at a respectable 13th place with 173 points.

What do you think of Kingdom? Tell us what you think of the album in the comments below and be sure to follow us on our social media.

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