Austria | PÆNDA Releases New Album Evolution II - Win A Signed Copy

April 26, 2019


We have had Evolution I, now Evolution II has arrived.  PÆNDA delivers, and brings us the next instalment of her new album.  Officially released today, you can buy the album, where it is also available to download, and stream.


The album contains eleven songs, and they are:


  • I Like the Way You Hate Me

  • Like a Domino

  • Filler

  • Love Myself

  • Limits

  • So Loud

  • All the Right Things

  • Everything I'm Not

  • Wavebreaker

  • Stay for the Night

  • Outro



Eurovoxx recently spoke to  PÆNDA recently, when she performed her Eurovision song, "Limits" at the London Eurovision Party.  This is what she had to say:



This new album is absolutely stunning, and is very fitting with her Electo pop style.  Each song compliments the stars voice well.  It contains her Eurovision entry, "Limits" and has hits such as "Like A Domino", and "So Loud".  This is one album you will certainly want in your collection.  


The talented singer will be performing 9th, during semi final 2, and all at Eurovoxx are really hoping that she will qualify,  You know what you need to do.  The singer premiered her album on the 23rd in Vienna which will be followed up by a tour to promote her album.  After Eurovision, the singer will be performing at the following cities:


  • July 3 – Parov Stelar at Elwood Music Festival, Austria

  • July 13 – Kronehit Electric Nation 2019

  • November 15 – Evolution II Tour, Klagenfurt

  • November 26 – Evolution II Tour, Salzburg

  • November 27 – Evolution II Tour, Linz

  • November 30 – Evolution II Tour, Bludenz







Eurovoxx were recently fortunate enough to have been given a copy of the singers new album, and single.  PÆNDA gladly signed it for us to give away as a prize for one of our lucky readers.  All you need to do is write "WIN" in the comments section of this article.  The same can be done on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  A name will then be chosen at random.  You will only need to do this once.  You have until midnight Saturday 27th April to do this, with the winner being revealed on Sunday.  Good luck!!!!!!


Will you be buying the new album?  What do you think of the songs?  Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below

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