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Russia | The Results Of OGAE Russia Have Been Released

Yesterday, there was a plethora of different results from the various OGAE clubs, whilst Germany, Luxembourg gave their votes earlier. Now, a thirty second OGAE club have released the results from their clubs voting. For the past twelves years, members of these clubs have voted on their favourites, and these votes give an indication of favourites, and who is expected to win the Eurovision Song Contest that year. Not always correct, they do give a general idea, and can be pretty accurate. Russia are next up in the voting, and this is how they have voted:

1 Point Goes To Sweden

2 Points Go To Latvia

3 Points Go To Denmark

4 Points Go To Slovenia

5 Points Go To Spain

6 Points Go To Czech Republic

7 Points Go To Norway

8 Points Go To Albania

10 Points Go To North Macedonia


12 Points Go To Iceland

Check Out Andy Reacts To Iceland Below:

The Top Five Are As Follows:

1) Netherlands With 281 Points

2) Switzerland With 280 Points

3) Italy With 279 Points

4) Norway With 159 Points

5) Sweden With 144 Points

Russia have certainly gone outside the box. They have given Iceland their first set of twelve points. They have awarded not a single point to any of the top three countries, meaning the top three remain the same. Norway are still over 120 points from the third place Italy, whilst the 1 point to Sweden has seen Cyprus relegated to 6th place. Most of the points went to countries that have not scored that well with the OGAE clubs at all.

Are you happy with the results of OGAE Russia? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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