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Georgia | Gaga Abashidze Named As Spokesperson For Georgia At Eurovision 2019

News from the national broadcaster of Georgia, GPB, this evening as they have announced details of who will be awarding their points at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. They have announced that their official spokesperson for the country will be Gaga Abashidze.

If you think you have seen the face before, you will not be surprised to learn that he represented his country last year. Gaga was one fifth of the group Ethno Jazz Band Iriao who failed to make it past the semi finals last year. The song, "For You" which placed 18th, only scoring 24 points.

Relive the groups Eurovision moment below:

The broadcaster will also be using the singers talent as commentator too, as it has been previously announced that he would be co-commentating Helen Kalandadze who hosted the Junior Eurovision 2017. In a space of one year, he will be a singer, commentator, and spokesperson.

The band have been around since 2013, with their first major performance coming in 2014 when they performed at the Borneo Jazz Festival in Malaysia. The group consisted of five members at the contest.

Are you happy to see Gaga Abashidze again at the Eurovision screen? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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