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Finland | Krista Siegfrids Joins Mikko Silvennoinen To Commentate For Finland At Eurovision 2019

Look away now if you don't want to know who the commentators for Finland will be this year, as the national broadcaster have announced the faces behind this years team. They are none other than Krista Siegfrids, and Mikko Silvennoinen.

It was already previously known that Mikko would be commentator when he was officially announced last month. Mikko is a television presenter, and journalist who has had this job since 2016.

However, YLE have also added Krista's name in the last day. The country has two superstars singing for them, along with two great commentators. What more could you want? Check out Eurovoxx interviewing Darude feat Sebastian Rejman below:

This year will see the fourth year that Mikko has commentated for the country. However, it is new to Krista as it will be her first opportunity of doing this.

Krista is certainly no stranger to the competition having been the countries representative back in 2013 when she sang, "Marry Me", placing 24th. However, she has been a regular on the circuit having been Finland's points spokesperson on several occasion, as well as the host for the national final UMK. Of the chance to do this she has said,

"It feels great to be with Mikko. The fact that we are two brings a natural, vivid feeling to comment. We can throw the flap in a different way. Mikko gives me the safety, and I throw more energy on the boards".

Do you think Krista will make an excellent addition to the YLE team? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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