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United Kingdom | The Official Video For 'Bigger Than Us' Officially Released

It has been a long time coming, but it has finally happened just in time for his Eurovision performance in Tel Aviv next month. The official video for the United Kingdom's entrant this year, Michael Rice, and his song, "Bigger Than Us" has been released.

The video shows two children in school, who want to become friends. However they are forbidden due to the prejudice of the boys parents, as the girl has two dads. They do regardless become friends, despite the issues, and prejudices of their parents. Their situation is, "Bigger Than Us". It is a very pleasant video that touches on an important issue which surrounds society today. It has already excelled over 11,000 views on YouTube in the last hour. Check the video out below:

According to Michael the music video, "is for anyone who has ever felt or been told they are different. It's about acceptance and being true to yourself. Love is bigger than all of us". A very touching, and notable sentiment indeed.

As a member of the big 5, the United Kingdom will automatically qualify for the grand final. Michael, and the song have been well received across Europe, and he has been present at many pre parties this year.

Do you like the song? Will the United Kingdom appear on the left hand side of the score board this year? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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